Gartenberg’s three laws of consumer electronics

If you think Michael Gartenberg is joking about his three laws for marketing consumer electronics, I’ll guarantee you he isn’t. That dude has more gadgets than anyone I know except for maybe Vic “gadget ho” Gundotra. Love this thought: “Getting the first 50,000 is a milestone. Getting 500,000 and 5,000,000 is where it matters. Enthusiasts won’t get you there but influencers will.”


FinePrint “changes the way you’ll use your printer”

One thing I’ve come to appreciate about blogging is that people I trust write me stuff and it comes to my RSS News Aggregator. Here’s an awesome example. Scott Hanselman is a developer I’ve known and come to trust (he works with my brother, for instance) and here he raves about FinePrint — says “I literally can’t overstate how much this application has changed the way I use my computer and my printer.”