Dana Epp blogging the birth of a new product

Dana, a security expert I’ve been following for quite some time, is blogging his development of a new product, all in one month. It’s an interesting look into the development process that we rarely get to see.

Now, imagine Apple or Microsoft or Google or eBay doing the same.

Imagine that they let you participate, even a little bit, in the development of a new product.

But, no, they won’t try that. It’s too bad. When I did my book I accidentally found that building something in public view ends up with that end thing being a lot better because of the participation of the people who drop by. Not to mention that our search page rank is a lot higher than it would otherwise be (even bloggers who hated our book, and said “that chapter sucked,” added to our search engine ranking).


Third day with Windows Live Writer

I am liking Windows Live Writer so far, but I’m not pushing the edges like some others are (I saw a bunch of complaints about bugs in some of the weirder features. I just type and post, so it works great for me so far).

Anyway, just saw that Ed Holloway has an Ink Blog Beta out for Tablet PC users.

One problem with the Windows Live Writer is the tagging support. It has categories, but that capability sucks. So I gotta open each post back up in the browser and apply categories there.

Blogs can get hoaxed, or mislead (sorry to Iran’s president)

Turns out that CNN, among others,┬áis reporting that Iran’s president’s blog doesn’t have malware or viruses after all. So, how could I report such yesterday? I wasn’t reporting, just passing along information I had from a reputable technical source (O’Reilly).

Blogs can get hoaxed. But, if they do the truth does come out eventually. I try to update my posts as I learn more information. If you see something incorrect that I’m reporting, just point it out in the comments. Thanks!