Boiling (and freezing) in Yellowstone’s rivers

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Ahh, the joys of owning a low-cost videocamera. Anyway, I bring you along to the Boiling River inside Yellowstone National Park. It’s an experience that I can’t quite explain to you other than to say my butt was freezing and my legs were burning when I shot this on my Sanyo Xacti HD1. Nice camera, by the way — stores videos on a SD card instead of tape, which makes it a lot easier to put up on Blip.TV, albeit the quality isn’t even close to the Sony. It’s also a lot smaller and a lot less expensive (about $700 at B&H).

On the video you’ll see Christian Long, CEO of DesignShare. He was a high-school teacher who now helps design schools around the world.

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Xbox team opens up its platform (HDTV next?)

There are a few things I learned at Microsoft that required me to really bite my lip cause of my NDA. This is one of them. And, yes, Fred, I totally agree that this is a game changer.

But the thing I’m keeping my eye on is the fact that my Xbox brings me new videos every few hours.

Now THAT has the potential to change everything from ABC news on down to YouTube.


Did I mention that Comcast in Half Moon Bay (only a handful of miles from Silicon Valley) does NOT have HDTV yet on its cable lineup? Isn’t that lame?

But Comcast DOES bring Internet access to my Xbox 360. I smell a route-around here. Media Center and BitTorrent, here I come!

Oh, speaking of HDTV. We bought a couple of Sony HVRZ1U’s. They cost about $4,000 over on B&H. But I wasn’t prepared for how stunning an image they produce when hooked up to my 60-inch Sony TV. Wow. Almost as good as the Discovery Channel (most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless two images were put side-by-side).

I SSSSOOOOO want to show you the videos we did in Yellowstone. But all the video services like Google Video, Youtube, and Blip.TV compress the video all to heck to make it economical to distribute.

I wish the big video distribution networks would make HD capable by using something like RedSwoosh.

In the meantime, I gotta put my videos on Blip.TV.

Annoying spammer

OK, this is annoying. Someone is copying my blog at That’s annoying enough. But his tools is pinging back blogs I link to. Look at Shelley Powers’ blog’s comments (I’ll bet that Shelley removes the double trackback soon, but it was there at 7:15 p.m.) My post is linked there twice. Once from me. Once from the annoying jerk at crazyfactor.