Trying to hire Amanda

Everyone was coming up to Amanda Congdon at BlogHer last night trying to figure out what she’s gonna do. Her recent video says she’s looking for work (her parents are pretty good too). I know that just ain’t true. If she wanted work she would have taken Jason Calacanis’ offer. In other news Ze Frank still doesn’t blink and still makes me laugh.

I’ll be Maryam’s spouse today at BlogHer. I’m the luckiest man in the world. And not for THAT reason.

I’ve met more amazing people, and gotten more business ideas at BlogHer than at any other conference I’ve attended. Heck, I met Steve Garfield’s mom. Why? Cause it’s outside the echo chamber of the tech industry. You knew it was different when a group of 30 just sat down in the middle of the floor to have a session. I’ve never seen that happen at a male-dominated tech conference.

Oh, I met one woman who makes $25,000 a year just off of Amazon affiliate links. Who said a link isn’t worth money?