BlogHer: geek’s nirvana

Patrick Scoble, as quoted on Maryam’s blog:

“What’s up with those Mommy Bloggers? They keep hugging each other.”

It is weird being one of only three men in a sea of people at a party. Now I know what it feels like at a usual tech conference, albeit in reverse. And the hugging? Well, this crowd definitely has a different social contract than most of the tech geek things I attend.

Leaving BlogHer for a minute, today I attended (and moderated a couple of demo-style sessions) the AlwaysOn Conference. Lots of suits. VCs. And other various riff raff, like me. Tony Perkins, founder of AlwaysOn (the conference I attended today), showed me Dave.TV, which looks interesting but is way too slow to keep my attention.

The reason he showed it to me is a bunch of the sessions from AlwaysOn are up on Dave.TV.

Then Stewart Butterfield (co-founder of Flickr, now at Yahoo) dropped by the table that Steve Gillmor and I were hanging out at (sorry, I’m so BORED by speeches that come with PowerPoints and hearing Steve explain why links and Office are dead is infinitely more interesting) and told me some tantalizing new things that his team is working on. Of course I immediately asked if I could come over with my new soooopppppeeeerrrrr dooooopppppeeerrrr video cameras (sorry, Christopher Coulter, I got a Sony, not the Panasonic you recommended, cause I couldn’t justify the extra $2,000 and cause I like the Sony) and someone at the table said “oh, so you’re gonna do Channel 9 for the rest of the world now, huh?”

Damn, caught me.

Oh, and if you’re waiting for me to answer your email. Keep waiting. I didn’t do any email today and the pile just gets deeper and deeper. I’m already two weeks behind on email. Not good. But, then, I’m on vacation, and too busy trying to keep up with Maryam (who dragged Patrick and I to two furniture places after the BlogHer speaker shindig tonight).

What else is on my attention radar today? Wiki’s! But, not ready to talk about them. Damn, though, lots of you are really interested in them. That post generated a lot of email and phone calls. All of which are greatly appreciated.

Anyway, all around me tonight I heard great business opportunities. Especially for video bloggers. I’m gonna stay quiet on this one, though, cause I see some opportunities no one else has bothered doing yet.

More to come from BlogHer over the next few days, I’m sure, the tag to watch is BlogHer06.

I’m gonna disappear again. Damn, my email is going nuts. Calling David Allen! Calling David Allen!

If you’re at BlogHer, say hi! I won’t be hard to find. I’m the blonde. Heheh.