What the BBC found mind blowing…

We’re almost out of the house (had to come home and do some last minute cleanup) but what stuck with me about the BBC was that they came over and watched me blog. They thought it was mind blowing that I could send my words out to the world (they checked out my stats and said that theirs weren’t much better on most of their Web pages) and they thought it was cool when I got three comments almost immediately after the show.


On the BBC

BBC World News Tonight

There’s a little microphone on a little table here in the Seattle Library.

It will take my voice to millions of people. All over the world. 

That is just mind blowing. What’s even more mind blowing is they are transmitting from the most beautiful building on the West Coast: the Seattle Public Library. When I arrived people were walking all around the table, not realizing that they were talking to an audience of tens of millions of people around the world.

You can listen in at BBC World Service’s Web site. I’ll be on at about 8:50 p.m.

It is my goodbye to Seattle. After my five minutes on the BBC, Patrick and Maryam and me will drive down to Silicon Valley. It’s our last hour in Seattle.

Update: well, that was fun. 3.5 minutes. Didn’t say too much, talked about the future of media a bit, but it’s hard to get into much depth into any topic in 3.5 minutes. The guy on the right of the picture is the journalist who interviewed me, George Arney.

Well, onto Silicon Valley. From the biggest of big media to the smallest of small. Call us along the way. 425-205-1921. We’ll drive for three hours to Portland tonight, then the rest of the way tomorrow. Of course we’ll have the Verizon wireless card.

Oh, and I wasn’t the only one on the radio tonight. When I was coming over here I was listening to my satellite radio and heard Chris Pirillo on David Lawrence’s radio show.