Valleywag is back up

How do I know it’s back up? Cause Maryam is rolling on the couch practically peeing herself over how funny Nick Douglas’ “Trackback Mountain” post is. I haven’t seen her laugh like that in years! Valleywag is a gossip site. About as accurate as those magazines you find at the grocery store checkout stand (and about as funny, as long as you aren’t the one the magazine is talking about).


Sigh. Microsoft’s marketers will never learn

I was telling someone just today that I will never sign up for another email newsletter. Ever.

Michael Martine reminded me of that when he wrote a blog post “my love/hate relationship with Microsoft.”

In that post he even gives Microsoft a couple of kudos “maybe they learned something from Scoble afterall.”

No, sorry, Michael, it looks like telling Microsoft’s marketers that they should be fired for not having RSS feeds didn’t take.

Getting people to subscribe to an email newsletter is sssooo 1990s.

If that’s the kind of marketing we should expect for Zune then Apple has nothing to worry about.

But, Michael is right. At least the Zune team has a blogger among its ranks. I’ve subscribed to his blog. It has an RSS feed.