All your snakes are belong to us?

I don’t link to RageBoy (aka Christopher Locke, aka one of the ClueTrain Manifesto authors) very often. Why not? Well, I’m a geek and he’s a good writer. The two often don’t mix. I think he does drugs, too, or maybe some good Merlot. Cause his stuff only makes sense to me after I drink some good Merlot. Anyway, tonight I’m not drinking. I am supposed to be cleaning out the garage. So, I’m looking for good work avoidance techniques. RageBoy supplied just what I needed with his “all your snakes are belong to us.” Now, please don’t follow me into hell. This will waste at least 10 minutes of your time. Well, at least I warned you. I think this meme is gonna be even lamer than the last time it went around (you know, remember the “all your base belong to us” thing?)

One other warning: some of the videos over on RageBoy’s site contain adult language. If you’re 12 and not yet in bed you’re not allowed to watch these.

Oh, this little journey through snakes on a plane brought me to Josh Friedman’s blog. He’s a script writer in Hollywood. Damn, that guy can write! His version of Snakes on a Plane had me spitting Diet Coke out of my nose (which was impressive cause I haven’t had any for hours) A few more adult words. I subscribed. Another 20 minutes wasted invested in work avoidance. At least I warned you.

What is this telling you? I’ve lost it. Yes. And it’s time to go to bed. More work avoidance tomorrow!

Update: Apologies to Christopher Locke. My post above made it sound like I was claiming he is a drinker and/or worse — I did not. He wrote me and told me he’s been sober for 21 years.


Is Steve Gillmor on the market?

Hmmm, InfoRouter shut down? Now who’ll say “Office is Dead?” Oh, I wanted to see what the rumor mill is saying but Valleywag’s servers are down and have been for more than an hour (like I said, I’ve been avoiding doing work). Bummer.

Update: since Jason Calacanis is busy trying to buy Digg, without paying hundreds of millions of dollars for it, and is now fighting with the entire Web 2.0 media (isn’t that just Mike Arrington and Tim O’Reilly?) I figure I should do something equally fun.

I’d love to hire Steve Gillmor. Seriously. We could do a show titled “you are dead.”

Then, we could talk about all the stuff that is dead. Newspapers. Magazines. Microsoft Office. Whatever. And we’d be so bombastic and fun that we’d gather an audience. Or, at least get invited to attend industry conferences and do more panel discussions where we’d stroke our beards (I’ll grow one) and say things to piss off Goebbels. Things like “Apple is dead.”

I hope I live long enough to say “RSS is dead.”

Of course we’d have comments where you could write “Scoble is dead.”

I just hope I’m always there to read THOSE. 🙂

Motivating geeks

Since I’m low on motivation (no, the garage isn’t cleaned yet, I’d rather avoid that work and get into an inane fight with one of my commenters on something so stupid I can’t even remember what it’s about here). But, one of the RSS searches I do is for the word “geek” and through that came a list of geek motivation sites. No, my garage isn’t getting cleaned out, but at least I’m getting motivated now.