No-YHOO’ing in the valley today

It’s earnings week in the tech industry. Yahoo today. Ebay tomorrow. Microsoft and Google Thursday.

Yahoo didn’t please.

By the way, the view out PodTech’s office window┬áis quite stunning. I’m looking down at Silicon Valley. It’s quite interesting the motivational effect that has. It’s almost like “we’re gonna throw you to the wolves in the valley and if you’re really lucky you’ll get to come back up here on the hill. Sand Hill, that is.

Oh, while we’re talking about the offices, here’s Irina standing in front of the office. Well, we only occupy about 1/30th of this building. Like my son says, nothing like Microsoft!

Did I say how much I like Flickr’s new clustering technology? Maybe that’ll pay off next quarter for Yahoo.


Ford makes a bold move into videoblogging

It’s a little slick, but you can see Channel 9 influences on Ford’s new videoblog. And comments. What do you think? Would it get me back? Yeah. I like seeing how things are built. By the way, my Ford Focus is still flawless at 30,000 miles. It’s an awesome car. Yeah, Maryam’s BMW is better, but anyone can build a cool car for $45,000. Building a good and reliable car that costs under $20,000 is a LOT harder of an engineering challenge.

Update: I missed this intro video. Good stuff, we never really got into meetings at Microsoft cause we knew they’d never get approved if they were really authentic or people would hold back and change their behavior if they knew cameras were rolling.

I’m dealing with that even on a smaller scale. A friend throws the most amazing dinners. But, they are off-the-record, drink-some-wine-and-really-talk kinds of affairs. Turn on the cameras and will they be as special? Doubt it. But I wanna try.