The customers take over the marketing

One of the things I always loved about Channel 9 is that the customers took it onto themselves to build content for the site. Jamie is my favorite. His “GoogleParks” are hillarious. I’ve heard that they got emailed all around inside Google. He’s an extremely talented designer.

I love that Duncan took his camera to Toronto and met up with Jamie.

Remember. This is a guy who wasn’t paid by Microsoft. Just did it because he liked the community.


Long Tail wags Naked

Jim Minatel of Wiley wrote to Shel Israel and me this morning with some sales figures from our book. Seems that they are selling pretty well on Amazon and other places all of a sudden and he was seeing if we had a theory about why. He says that a spike in sales counter to the trends almost never happens in the publishing industry.

Neither of us could explain it until I saw Amazon’s page for Chris Anderson’s new book, the Long Tail, which is at #2 right now on Amazon. On that page our book was also listed as a good book to buy along with the Long Tail.

Is the Long Tail wagging Naked? Hmmm. Sure looks like it. Amazon has us listed at #346 right now. We’ve never been that high in the rankings. That’s out of 4.5 million books.

Shel has the details over on Naked Conversations blog.

Smart people on video

Do you know who Edward Osborne Wilson is? Me neither. I had to go to Wikipedia to look him up. Distinguished biologist and a whole long list of other stuff.

One smart dude.

So, why did I care? Well, Jim Posner emailed me about Slate’s MeaningofLife video show. This is remarkable stuff. Edward is interviewed on there. Along with a bunch of other people who’ll raise your IQ by a couple of points just by listening to them.