Sexy IT calendar causes uproar

Whew, an female IT calendar in Australia is getting a bit of attention.

Whoever funded this should have seen the controversy coming a mile away. I must be getting cynical in my old age, but I have a sneaking suspicion they knew that a controversy was coming and that it’d sell calendars. But the heat got too hot in the kitchen, so to speak.

Unfortunately this isn’t an issue I’m willing to touch on my blog. Why? Cause our attitudes toward sex and toward smart women just are totally messed up and there’s no way I can fix that with a blog post. Translation: I’m chicken. Heheh.

It’ll be interesting fodder for BlogHer, though.

Update: heheh. Maryam blogged about the exact same thing, even though we didn’t plan that out, then started telling me off cause she read my blog. It’s funny blogging together. We’re so competitive. Maryam says she’s a narcisist. Heheh. I love her too!


Is an anti-trust lawsuit on Eric’s list?

Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO,¬†says to call him an idiot.

No, sorry, I’m the idiot here and Eric isn’t an idiot. At least not when I’ve met him.

But, he says that Google hits every conceiveable problem, but faster. Well, let’s see, how long did it take IBM to hit anti-trust problems? It was founded in 1888 and if I remember right its first problems were in the mid-60s (so around 70 years). Microsoft was founded in 1975 and had its first anti-trust problems in the 1990s (so around 20 years). So, that must mean that Eric is preparing for an anti-trust lawsuit already, no?

Update: that link above came from John Battelle’s blog. Battelle also has an interesting interview with Vint Cerf, Google’s “old fart.” (That’s what Vint told me to call him when I spoke at Google last year, but he’s really Google’s evangelist, and inventor of a few minor little Internet protocols).

Blocking Blogger

Ethan Zuckerman asks “what do India, Pakistan, China, and Ethiopia have in common?”

They are all — apparently — blocking

Ethan¬†co-founded a blog called “Global Voices Online” which monitors all this horsehucky. His analysis of the problem is good.

This sucks. Not sure what we can do. But, one thing it does is guarantees that America will have a steady flow of immigrants for a long time to come. On PodTech’s small team alone we have immigrants from all over the world. Tomorrow our cameras arrive and the first thing I’m gonna do is interview everyone so you can hear their stories about why they came to America.