More Valleyschwag photos

Scott Beale also was at least night’s party and took a bunch of nice shots. He, too, has a Canon 5D. I’m so jealous! I said “I want that” and pointed at his camera.

Om Malik and I had a good time. I congratulated him on his new career moves and he returned the favor. I like this one cause it shows how much fun it is to hang out with Om. He tells stories that make you smile.



Nestle engages with anti-Nestle blogger

This is good stuff. An executive at Nestle answered back a blogger who said some harsh things about Nestle. I hope they start a blog and show us what it’s like working at Nestle and how they are working to improve their company. I usually don’t like being attacked but, on aggregate, I learn a lot more from those who don’t like me than those who do.

Nestle just became a little more human due to a letter from George. I appreciate that a senior executive is fighting for his company’s reputation! I want to do business with people like that.

As to Nestle, I haven’t met a corporation yet that is perfect and doesn’t mess with people’s lives in some way or another. The trick is to have some transparency into those decisions and some sort of dialog so that we can 1. hear why a company made an “evil” decision and 2. try to influence decision makers to make a better decision that is better for everyone.

It’s interesting, but as I looked for evil I just found people who made decisions the best they could. The pressures on you to please shareholders and boards of directors are extreme. How can we counteract those pressures, even a little bit? I think it starts with conversations. How can we work together to make the world a better place?

Unfortunately humans rarely think like that. Just witness the mess in the Middle East right now.