Windows Media Photo format blogged

Lots of corporate blogging attention is on things like the new Dell blog, but here’s an example of a blog that isn’t very sexy but provides a ton of value to people who need info.

Bill Crow at Microsoft is providing a TON of information on the new Windows Media Photo format (new file format coming out with Windows Vista).


The “river” versus “folder” RSS approach

Dave Winer has been talking about RSS aggregators again. I don’t use a River of News style aggregator. I use NewsGator which comes into Outlook. It is NOT a river of news style aggregator. But, I don’t delete either. I just read each folder and mark all as read. I like keeping the folders separate rather than all on one page. Why?

Cause sometimes I just want to read what Mike Arrington says and hell with the rest of you.

Anyway, in my aggregator when Mike publishes something new his folder turns bold. I don’t need to read it now. It doesn’t bother me that it’s bold. It’s not like email where I’m itchy to answer it. Mike doesn’t care if I don’t read his posts within 15 minutes, or even 15 days. They’ll just hang out until I visit that folder next and click “mark all as read.” That marks all the items in his folder as read until he publishes something new.

Now, where do I use a River-of-news aggregator? On the Share Your OPML site. I love that aggregator. It doesn’t make me want to get rid of my folder-by-folder approach, though.