Nielsen blows it on podcasting

Oh, Jon Watson over on the BizPodcasting blog you totally nailed it. What kind of horse manure is this to compare listeners to podcasts to authors of blogging? Lame beyond belief.

And podcasting doesn’t need the false hype. We need real numbers, real research, with organizations we, and advertisers, can believe. This doesn’t help us out AT ALL.

It takes me back to when I started blogging, though. Back in 2000. I told Dori Smith that there weren’t enough blogs to do a conference session (I was helping plan the CNET Live conference and could only find about 100 blogs back then. Dori was one of the speakers at that conference and had been pitching me to do a session on blogs) but within a week of my starting to write a blog Dave Winer had linked to me and sent more than 3,000 with just that one link. Whoa, there are more people reading blogs than are writing them! (Still true, by the way).


I need a new blog

There’s so much happening in videoblogging that I am gonna spin that stuff out to a new blog. Gotta find a new home for this kind of stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, check out “ThisCityRocks.” Focuses on the Canadian music scene. Well done and interesting to listen to and watch. Makes me want to visit Vancouver! Warwick Patterson should be invited to do a session at Northern Voice.