Video comment plugin for WordPress

I can’t wait to get to PodTech and start playing around with WordPress (it runs its site on WordPress). I just saw this plugin that lets you do video comments. That’s cool.

Chris Pirillo is always showing me new WordPress Plugins. If you’re a WordPress’er, what’s your favorite?


Microsoft’s #1 blogger? Major Nelson?

Larry Hryb was by here earlier. You might know him as Major Nelson, he’s a program director on Xbox Live. He was telling me his numbers. His podcast alone is getting downloaded as often as Rocketboom was (in the neighborhood of 300,000 times per show).

And his blog’s traffic is way higher than mine. He says he’s getting 300 to 500 comments a day too. Whew!!!

I don’t know of anyone at Microsoft who has more traffic.

I guess a few people have purchased Xbox’s in the past year, huh?