Shooting fireworks (with your camera)

Here’s a great article on shooting fireworks. Anyone want to come over tonight?

I got a bunch for the neighborhood (we do an annual show in front of our house) — we’ll start at 10. At 14414 86th PL NE, Bothell WA 98011.
Thanks to Sean Alexander for linking me to the article.


Geek events coming

Are you in Chicago on Thursday evening? They are having a TechCocktail.

On August 6th we’ll be meeting in Emigrant, Montana, for the “Off-the-Grid” campout.

Anything else geeky coming soon? BlogHer, but that’s sold out. Friends Of O’Reilly, but that’s by invitation only (I’m not). The Apple developer event is coming in August, but Patrick and I will be in Montana (no Apple stores, so the credit cards are safe, heheh).

Know of something else? Post it here. We need a geek event wiki. Google isn’t bringing anything up for me.

Lead engineer at Amazon recommends Atom over RSS

DeWitt Clinton has a long, and thoughtful, post on RSS and Atom today. If you’re a geek/developer it’s worth reading and thinking about. Thanks to Niall for linking me to it.

It’s interesting that the Atom side of the fence hasn’t done what it takes to get the world to flip over to its format: build both a publishing tool and an aggregator that demonstrates Atom’s advantages over RSS.

Users don’t care about specs, or arguments about formats. When you understand that you’ll understand how RSS got so big in the first place. Dave Winer evangelized RSS by building a publishing tool (Manila and later Radio UserLand) and an aggregator (Radio UserLand and later Share Your OPML.

Where’s the Atom publishing tool and aggregator that demonstrates Atom’s superiority?