Watching the grass grow (Drupal developer needed)

OK, I’ve seen everything now. Alex Komarnitsky has a web site where you can watch the grass grow.┬áHis grass. Is there anything that you can’t do on the Internet?

Well, some of you are Drupal developers. I have a friend who needs some development done. He’s looking for a Drupal developer for a short-term project. Are you one? Leave a note here and a way to be contacted. Thanks.


Second Life turns three

The ThoughtPlasma blog is celebrating the third birthday of Second Life. While we’re talking about it, I found Paul Marino’s Thinking Machinima blog. Really cool stuff, interesting videos. Machinima are videos that are recorded using avatars in Second Life and other software like Halo on Xbox. There’s a new art form taking shape here and it’s fascinating!