Buy our house

Take a virtual tour of our house, for sale now in Bothell, WA. Pictures were shot this morning. Lots of work cleaning up things yesterday. Whew, glad I didn’t leave my underwear on the floor this morning. Heheh.

Update: Our real estate guy, Stan Mackey, wrote a nice blog post and my family room got on ValleyWag. Yeah, I have three Channel 9 guys on top of my HDTV. You can take Scoble out of Channel 9, but you can’t take Channel 9 out of Scoble! đŸ™‚

Wow, even the Zillow blog noticed this post (Maryam used Zillow as one of the tools to find our new house in Half Moon Bay).


Inside new Sharepoint’s RSS, blogs, and wikis

Here’s the video interview I did with the Sharepoint team where they showed off their new RSS feeds, blogs, and wiki features (and something that Dave Winer first showed me as part of Manila, a feature called “edit this page”).

When I joined Microsoft three years ago I never thought I’d see this day. At the end of the video we thank Dave Winer and Ward Cunningham. 

The addition of these things into Sharepoint led David Berlind, in part, today to wonder if RSS is the new intranet protocol?

Keep in mind that Sharepoint is used by TONS of enterprises. This represents a sizeable shift in how enterprises will communicate internally.