Moving to California

Maryam just put down an offer on a house in Half Moon Bay. It's way too expensive. The commute sucks. But you'll all want to visit, believe me. Got an extra guest room and a cool sun room for doing video recordings. Walking distance to beach. And golfing. I don't golf. But, might have to take it up!

Anyway, that means we're putting our house up for sale next week. If you're looking to buy a house in the Seattle area, we should talk!

Oh, and I've been getting email about why I haven't changed my title tag yet. I'm a Microsoft employee until June 30th. Maryam and I join PodTech on July 5th.

My email will work until Wednesday morning. After that there aren't any guarantees (my exit interview is on Wednesday afternoon).

For now it's safer to use my personal email address of

I have a Podtech email already, but won't answer that until July 5, so let's use the Hotmail one for now.

We'll be working in both Silicon Valley and Seattle during July, not sure what our schedule will be yet, and then we're taking August off to relax a bit and get moved. 

Full time work at Podtech will start in September. 

Anything else I forgot?


Ironic dental visit, no videoblogging for me

Bummer, Maryam made me and Patrick a dentist visit during tomorrow's videoblog session at BloggerCon. I'd rather be at BloggerCon, but Christopher Coulter and Valleywag say that videoblogging is just bad TV, so maybe I'm not missing much. 

Anyone notice that Valleywag is funnier on a Friday night after a margarita or two? Certainly funnier than getting your teeth cleaned. Sigh.

BigCo employees should listen to this

Every big company employee should listen to "Users in Charge" from today's BloggerCon. Visit the MP3 downloads and click on "Users in Charge." Hear the anger? Good! Now are you gonna do something about it?

To the users: some people DO listen. They change the world. At Microsoft we got RSS, wikis, blogs into some of our biggest products (Sharepoint and Office).

The users can win! Especially with blogs.