Calling Seattle startups

Elizabeth Grigg tries a new approach to finding a new job. She is asking startups what they are looking for.

Well, in Silicon Valley I know a startup that's hiring developers who can copy whatever Eric Rice does. Heheh. 

In other words, can you make a WordPress template? Do you collect more WordPress plugins than Chris Pirillo does (last night at dinner he showed me his extensive collection) AND know how to install and use them?
Can you make a community with more audience-pleasing goodness than (Check out their Ajax!)

Do you know more about search engine optimization than either Danny Sullivan or Matt Cutts? (Hint: you better be able to tell what Eric Rice is doing wrong on his Web site).

Do you eat Youtube or Google Video for lunch?

And do you do that all while building an empire in Second Life?

Well, leave your blog's URL here and start the bidding war over your talent! 


Hugh’s looking for Microsoft’s next big idea


Wrong quest, sorry Hugh.
It's the small ideas that will transform big companies.

RSS? It was a small idea five years ago. Except in Dave Winer's mind. Today it's in Sharepoint, Outlook, IE7, among other places.

Blogging? Bill Gates hadn't heard the word five years ago. Today he owns one of the most popular blog services and has 3,000 of the most-respected corporate bloggers.

Podcasting? Videochatting? Hey, Microsoft still hasn't gotten that small idea, but another big company has (that company is Apple, check out the ad that Maryam is standing next to).

Want a big idea for Microsoft? Go to BarCamp this weekend. Oh, wait, that's being held in Microsoft's SF offices. I wonder if Microsoft will get the small ideas that are gonna be discussed on its own turf? Calling Ray Ozzie, calling Ray Ozzie! 🙂

Maryam with a Mac ad at Apple store