Can trademarks be defended in Second Life?

Jeremy Pepper has been talking with me about this for a couple of weeks. There's a LOT of trademark infringement inside Second Life. I see brands being attached to lots of things inside Second Life. I like that, but in most cases it's not being done by the trademark owners. My son, for instance, bought me a virtual Apple Macintosh computer for my virtual office. That had the Apple logo on it. It wasn't "approved" or "built" by Apple. Someone else built the virtual item and is making the money off of its sale.

I can see how this will end up in court sooner or later. Why? Cause trademarks must be defended or else the trademark owner loses rights to them.

Anyway, Jeremy talks about the issue on his blog and starts a conversation about it. I wonder what Martin Schwimmer will say about this one (he is a lawyer and keeps the trademark blog).