Gates steps down

There will be an interview up this afternoon with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer on Channel 9. is reporting that Gates is stepping down from a full-time role. They are meeting right now with employees (I'm not listening cause I am speaking to a bunch of Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley and am doing some other things).


Renting a car with Nat

So, I'm on the Rental Car bus at San Jose's airport. Who sits next to me but Nathan Torkington of O'Reilly. He recognized me instantly and said "congratulations." What a weird world, but shows why Silicon Valley is just a different kind of place than anywhere else in the world in terms of geek density. This is not an uncommon experience for me.

We chatted a bit about changes coming up in both of our lives (he's working on new stuff other than conferences, but wouldn't tell me what's up).

He told me something he learned in life is to always have a big story to tell. That sounds a lot like Lenn Pryor who said the same thing. Explain the big picture of what's happening and all the small pieces fall into place, he told me.