Podcasting not a good name? Huh?

I see that Dave Winer and Seth Godin and Mark Ramsey are talking about the name "podcasting" again.

That's a great name! And I haven't heard anyone at Microsoft complain about it in more than eight months. Even before that I only heard one or two arguments like the one Mark is putting out, but one thing at Microsoft that I've noticed is that once someone makes a good case and a consensus is formed we don't go back and reargue stuff like this. Podcasting has stuck. No use debating that anymore.

Did you know we have a podcasting email alias internally at Microsoft? Yeah

We're slow to react to podcasting as a trend, yes. Shame on us for that. But don't believe it's because of the name. It's not (Dave claimed that's why we haven't done a lot of podcasting stuff yet). 

So, why hasn't podcasting taken off more yet? Easy! It's hard to discover new ones (you gotta listen to them).

You go to Podtech.net or Podshow.com and poke around. You have to download a file before you can listen. In that time you probably got bored and started watching Lost again. Or, even if you download something like "Dawn and Drew" you find out that they aren't interesting to you, and think all podcasts are sex talk.  If you're over at Podtech you might get lucky and hit one of their great interviews, but a lot of their stuff is commercial and not that interesting.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are some awesome podcasts out there. I like TWiT, for instance. And, generally anything that Doug Kaye does. And most of the PodTech.net stuff is worth listening to too. Of course there's the Gillmor Gang. 

Interesting that all of those are on the top podcast readout on Share Your OPML. Speaking of which, have you uploaded your OPML yet? Why not?