A little epoxy thrown at Xbox 360 modchippers?

I watch Digg cause it brings some of the most interesting blogs and sites out there. Here's one that details how the Xbox 360 team uses a little epoxy to make it hard to modify chips on its motherboard.

If you're not into that, On10 has a set of videos on Modern Medical Technology which are interesting!


Trial of Origin (band first linked here) beats 600 others

This is cool, Trial of Origin just won a BBC contest where they beat 600 other bands. I was one of the first blogs to link to this band and hope they go all the way!

Speaking of music, last night Maryam and I watched American Idol on our new soopeerr-doopeer 60-inch Sony HDTV screen.


That's all I can think while watching that screen. We have to rip ourselves away from the TV to go to sleep.

Blogging? Forget it. HDTV wins. It is just so stunning.

Oh, funny aside. Remember my post about visiting Yellowstone National Park? So, what was on my PVR when I got home? That's right. Sunrise show of Yellowstone's Geysers. They look better on HDTV than they do in real life! They don't smell, though.

Question: I wanna watch the World Cup. Turns out most of the games are on ESPN2. That's not in HD on Comcast. So, what's the best way to get ESPN2?

Since we're talking about media, I like the Podcast Readout of Share Your OPML site. Is your favorite Podcast there?