Is Steve Jobs building a “DisneyPod?”

Astute reader Diego Barros noticed this note in Apple's Shareholders meeting notes:

"In a response to a question about Microsoft's Media Center, Jobs replied, "we hear you loud and clear." "

If I were at Apple, what would I do? Come out with a "DisneyPod." Huh? How about a Media Center style Mac that has a ton of Disney content on it? Every five-year-old in the world would beg their parents for one.

What do you think?


Will Maine lawsuit hurt Pop!Tech?

Ed Cone, you're right, this is a great example of how to hurt your brand name. I spoke to a group of MBA students in Silicon Valley and most had heard of how Dell had treated Jeff Jarvis and they thought less of Dell for how they responded.

Picking on bloggers isn't smart PR.

Why not? Well, now I'm thinking of not going to Pop!Tech, which is held every fall in Camden, Maine. I wonder if other bloggers are doing the same? Every attendee brings thousands of dollars to the local economy there and high-reach reporting about Maine's tourist attractions (most of the people in the audience are executives, VCs, press types, or bloggers).

Memeorandum has more reactions to the Maine lawsuit. Lance Dunston, the blogger involved, gives his side of the story.

Update: Scott Johnson does some homework (calls the agency in question). James Robertson replies to Scott. I agree with James.

Update2: Mike Arrington of TechCrunch is even more disgusted with this lawsuit than I am (and he's a lawyer).