Wow is it friday already?

by: bubba murarka 

This week has rapidly passed between work, life and blogging.  Not quite sure how Robert does it all, but maybe he has a time turner I should've asked to to borrow!  Here is another attempt at a "mini scoblepaper" style post…

Welcome to Steve Berkowitz who just joined Microsoft from IAC/Ask to head the Online Buisness Group. I met Steve a long time ago and loved his energy and vibe.

Evolution of the netflix envelope – make sure to click the link at the bottom for a visual history.

The original RAZR got me to get a second phone in addition to my smart phone…wonder what kind of silling thing v2 will make me do. Speaking of cellphones Kevin sent mail pointing to a mobile technology podcast that looks neat…it is added to my list of things to check out. 

Mark Harrision blogged a while back that 80-20 has built a free addition to sharepoint that adds record retention managment to sharepoint 2003.   

The waybackmachine at is a treasure trove of information. You can find all sorts cool data about the web.  I did a long time ago and ironically the only place to get the results now is on the waybackmachine.  Today folks posted of visual histories of Google and Yahoo homepages and it would be great to see one for the main microsoft or msn pages.  Unfortunately it looks like we disable archiving on  I'll try to find out why. 

If you are into grid computing and .Net you might want to check out Dan Ciruli's MSDN web cast on the 25th (my mom's birthday). 

Found out that the Long Tail book has a cover now by reading a post on the blog

Don Dodge, Mark Cuban (yeah that mark) and others are talking about click fraudContinued on Mark's blog too.