by: bubba murarka

Since asking for posts and putting up my email address I've gotten a ton of emails!  Thanks to everyone for their responses.  I'm still reading but here is what caught my eye so far…

Andy Edmonds, a great guy from the search team, sent a link to install Phlat! Phlat is a diffrent UI for Windows Desktop Search (read about beta wds apis here) and is up for an award at CHI next week!  You can read more about Phlat at MSR's site.  This is why it is great to build platforms!

A post from brian clark you should read because it might help you be a better writer/blogger.

Alex Barnett has all sorts of cool stuf on his blog including that Visusal Studio Express will remain free…very cool.

George Moore, a GM on the Windows Live Platform, sent a note saying Danny Thrope joined Microsoft!  He is in SVC and sounds like a neat guy.

Gogogic builds casual games (my favorite type now a days) using .NET and SQL and their CEO has a blog where he is trying to connect with users!

Hank is mixing up location, blogging and maps in his latest project.