ask interviewed

by: bubba murarka

I just read John B's interview with Jim Lazone from Ask about relevance, google relationship and askmail.  Jim is a really neat guy I met a few years back and sounds like he's having fun.  Maybe not the same "quotability" as Gary Flake's interview, but a good read nonetheless.

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please send me stuff…

by: bubba murarka 

I was iming with a friend (couldn't confirm he was okay with me naming him) and he noted that scoble and I are pretty different types of bloggers.  Not a bad or a good thing, just sort of a fact.  I think he best said it with the following:

Scoble is a like a mini-newspaper. That's why many folks read his blog. Links to interesting stuff going in tech mixed with some MSFT propaganda

I like being me, but thought it was a good point and I decided to try and post some more links in addition to my long stories.  Got any?  Send them to me at  I won't post everything, but I'll try to read it all! 

Oh, if you work for MSFT in the valley and have a blog, let me know…I want to post links to them as a follow up to last night's long post. 

Updated: added by-line.