MilBlog Conference

Robert passed along an email from the Veterans Foundation about the upcoming Military Blogging Conference.  It is on April 22nd in Washington, DC.  They are going to stream the entire conference live to the net too!


train based blogging

I'm on a train, with my T60 (two thumbs up), next to a friend (chris butler from the toolbar team who used to write for orange magazine) using a cell modem (verizon – only okay data rates, heard cingular is better) to post this.  i love technology.

I also love living and working the bay area.  Next to me on the train were some people talking about a new google maps idea.  On the platform while we were waiting for the train, I saw yahoo, google, and microsoft badges (more, but those were the ones I recognized).  Think I'm gonna write more about this and what's like to work on SVC campus of MSFT tonight. 

Today is a big historical day for the bay area – the 100th anniversy of the 1906 SF earthquake/fire.  The San Francisco MOMA has an indepth photo collection of before and after the earthquake on display.  I checked it out a few weeks back and it was pretty amazing.  They have a really cool handout that has pictures, info and stories for the day that is 100% free to take home. 

Blogging and Careers

Some folks are talking about the Boston Globe article on blogging being essential to a good career.

Between Tim Bray and Jeremiah Owyang I think the list is expanded pretty darn well and the "challenges" of blogging are also touched on.  I'd add that another downside is information leakage.  Sometimes, personal info you don't intend to share gets inferred, shared, or found and known to others in awkward manners.  Not a huge deal given how much better that aspect is understood by folks now a days, but I remember how my friend posted pictures a long time ago that came back to haunt someone else in a job search. 

I wonder what Mark Jen thinks of this discussion?  He's been on both sides of the fence.  He works down the street from me now, and we get together from time to time.  I really like him, his peers and the space his company is working on!

FWIW, personally blogging did help me get a job.  It also helped get me my master's degree.