Seattle Mind Camp registration opens

I'm going. How about you?


Sonos, music everywhere in your home & Philips AV remote

“This is much much more cooler than I thought,” says Buzz Bruggeman.

What’s he talking about? The Sonos music system.

First, a disclaimer. They sent me this so I could try it out. It’s one of the things that arrived before I said “no more free stuff.”

I have to admit this is pretty cool. It lets you put a controller in each room in your home.

And you control it over Wifi.

This rocks. We’re playing my iTunes stuff right now.

The second gadget that Buzz is holding here?

That’s the Philips RC9800i touch screen remote control.

It looks similar, but it replaces all my remote controls. This rocks too.

Tomorrow Chris Pirillo and Ponzi is coming over for brunch. It’ll be interesting to see what they think. (Chris always has the coolest stuff before I do, so if it impresses him it’ll impress everyone).

Not the same old same old: Pop!Tech

Buzz Bruggeman and Maryam and I are hanging out and he brought in a DVD and said "you gotta watch this."

It was a DVD of the Pop!Tech conference last year. It'll be on PBS in May, he says. Not sure when.

But, wow, reminds me that not every conference is the same. The first guys that were on the DVD are simply remarkable. Jesse Sullivan.

The guy has no arms.

And Todd Kuiken, works as a doctor at the Rehabilitation Center in Chicago.

Buzz says this talk was gripping. You can see it on the DVD. It got Maryam to stop what she was doing and sit down and watch and she usually doesn't care about geeky stuff that I put on the TV.

What was remarkable? Todd built him prosthetic technology that lets him control his robotic arms with just his mind. And they went further and hooked into his nerves sensors so he can feel again.

Do conferences matter? Pop!Tech shows that they do.

You can listen to the sessions on ITConversations for $5 a piece. Well worth the price. I'll let you know when the DVD comes up on PBS in May.