Scott Isaacs gives the skinny behind the naming of AJAX

Scott Isaacs is the guy who wrote the original DHTML draft specification. Says "Naming was never my specialty." Don't know DHTML? That's what you call AJAX today (mostly).

Tim Bray puts it well: "Scott, how could you ever expect to hit the memescape big-time with a dorky name like "Dynamic HTML?""

Don't know who Isaacs is? You will. He wrote the framework behind the next Hotmail. MSN Spaces. And lots of other things.

Why do I love Scott? Cause he keeps fighting for what he believes. He loses sometimes. Wins sometimes. But he's always interesting. I wish I could follow him around all day long but then what makes him interesting is he ships stuff that makes the Web better and I don't wanna mess with that at all.

He's a Microsoft treasure. Keep it up Scott!