Manuel Clement’s basement

Manuel Clement is a famous technologist (he used to speak at the FlashForward conferences, now works at Microsoft) but that's not what this video is about. At home he's a musician and has a basement of cool stuff in his basement. It's interesting that many programmers are also musicians. Anyone else have a basement like Manuel's?

Manuel has more on his blog where you can download music and visit his community site named "Future Producers."


Run XP on a Mac? Cool!

Apple today announced Boot Camp, which lets you run Windows XP on one of those new Macintoshes. Very interesting! The bloggers go wild!

You know, it seems to me that Apple gets blogging even though they don't encourage most of their employees to blog. They see bloggers ask for things and they deliver. Bloggers then go wild.

Apple, in its MacWorld booth back in January made a big deal about podcasting and blogging.

They certainly are understanding how to use blogs to listen to their customers.

And, yes, I +am+ jealous.

On the other hand there are some at Microsoft who are listening too. Atlas, new developer technology that helps developers use Visual Studio to build ASP.NET applications, came straight off of feedback on blogs.

Does Apple need blogs? Not if it keeps responding to what bloggers want.

And, yes, I'm very tempted to buy a MacBook.