Xbox’s still in high demand

I just got the last Xbox at the Bellevue Best Buy. The guy at the front door says that they usually are sold out before his shift even starts in the afternoon and that this is the longest he's seen one on the shelf (not even a day). Anyway, the Xbox mailing lists internally are showing that a lot more Xboxes are showing up on retail shelves. What's your experience like? I haven't signed on yet, so don't know my user name yet (I let my old one expire, I don't play that many games, mostly bought this for my son for when he comes to visit in a week). Will do that this weekend. Thanks to Randy Holloway and Brad Wilson, who accompanied me to Best Buy. Lots of geeky fun!


More bloggers ill from UCG

October 26, 2005, I said "I'm sick of hearing about user created content."
Today Derek Powazek says "Death to user-generated content."
And Jeremy Zawodny says "I couldn't agree more."

The thing is, the reason I was sick of hearing about that? I was at Google's Zeitgeist conference where CEO after CEO was using that term.

Glad to hear that it's making more bloggers ill.

Hey, General Motors! Kudos!

Dang, seems like the whole world is talking about those damn Chevy ads. You know the ones that everyday people posted. The ones that made fun of Chevy's SUVs. The ones that derided a global macrobrand. The ones that supposedly have caused Chevy a whole bunch of bad PR.

It got me to think about Chevy all day long. I wasn't thinking about my Ford Focus and how it successfully went 25,000 miles (passed that point on Sunday without even a rattle). I wasn't thinking about the tax man. Or my next video I need to edit.

No, I was thinking about Chevy. And wondering what General Motors was thinking about this whole shindig. Did the bloggers get GM?

I was hoping to learn more, so I headed over to Bob Lutz' General Motors blog (he's an executive there). He hasn't reacted yet.

Bummer. But, maybe they (being GM's PR team) watched Shel and I debate with a CTO of a public company last week and decided they didn't any part of this.

So, I wonder what my reaction would be if my videos were taken and turned into an anti-Microsoft commercial?

I'd be happy!


Well, bloggers only make fun of companies and people that are doing interesting things. You don't see them picking on companies that don't have a big market position, do you?

The day that bloggers stop poking you with a big stick is the day that your brand and market position have become small and boring.

It's like the day when people start rooting for the Yankees. The day they come in last place five years in a row. Then I'll start feeling sorry for them and start rooting for them. And, even then, if they have the largest payroll in baseball I'll probably be rooting against them.

As a blogger I forget this all the time. Get too emotional when people attack me or my company.

It's the day they STOP attacking me and Microsoft that I'm not looking forward to.

Kudos to General Motors for trying an advertising campaign that was different. That broke through the clutter. That made people think and talk. That made people have a conversation with you (even if it is an unpleasant one).

Now, what'll be interesting to see is if GM continues the conversation or remains silent.