Perspective, Chinese style

Reading Rebecca MacKinnon's blog today gave me perspective. If the worst that can happen is people calling me a few names, that is OK. I'm happy to see Hu Jia was released from Chinese jail today. I'm also happy to see MSN Spaces hosted his wife's blog.

I hope the Chinese government can see that they can put up with all sorts of people saying all sorts of things. Some will be nice (thanks Don Dodge!) Some won't be. Speaking of which, Scott Koon wins my little flame contest. He not only made me feel bad for not bringing him anything of value, but he flamed all my readers at the same time. Welcome to the "cult of Scoble!"

Anyway, onward.


Mini, comments, and let the venom flow

Mini-Microsoft, an anonymous but popular blogger who writes from inside Microsoft has turned on comment moderation. Interesting. That means he's gotten tired of the anonymous commenters who are griping about things. Ironic. But, I understand. Boy, do I understand. Mentally it's hard to separate out the personal attacks (and, boy, they have been getting personal lately — things that you wouldn't hear in even the worst bar fight) and keep them from hurting you. These things are designed to hurt. They aren't designed to help anyone or help anything.

The venom is flowing. I figure there's no way to control it, so might as well encourage it. Who can write the best anti-Scoble flame? What's the nastiest thing you can say to me? Let's get it all out on the table so you can get all your venom out of your system and we can go on with life together.

Here, let's practice: Scoble, you are the evilest, fattest, rudest, stupidest, most egotistical, corporate shill that I've ever seen. Even poo is better than you.

I'm sure you can think up better. It's 2:44 a.m. Shoot me for not having good flaming skills this late in the evening.

There's a good example over on Rick Segal's blog. I bet Rick will pull it down, but it says "I am so sick of that fat retard….he is like a overgrown child and looks so stupid trying to defend MS as their press turns to shit around them!"

That's getting into the spirit.

There's a couple of good examples over on Shelley Powers' blog: (Ken Camp) "he’s become a drone without new insight and is such a boring read any more than i don’t bother most of the time." (Scott Koon) "I just …. feel smarter since I stopped reading him. I filled my aggreagor with more do-ers and less talkers like him."

Or, how about Comic Strip Blogger? He goes even further with his comic about me. First panel? "That swine Robert Scoble."

Oh, ouch, keep it coming! Who can flame better?

These guys must be banned from blogosphere

Come on, we all know it's not politically correct to like Windows Vista or Internet Explorer! So, as my bedtime treat, these bloggers must be banned. Heheh.

Andre Costa: I am running Windows Vista right now. How would I best describe it? Awesome! Dude, you are so banned now! No one will ever believe another thing you'll say! You'll never get a good mod rating on Slashdot if you keep talking that way.

Dave Shea: (He used to bash IE): It's likely that any praise of Internet Explorer will still be controversial for now, but it's well-earned. Hear me out. Um, no, you're banned from blogging forever! We can not put up with any IE love here! You were right to go with your gut. Controversial is right!

Jim Holmes: More Great Openness at Microsoft (talking about IE team's opening up of its bug database). Hey, Jim, we can't have any talk about Microsoft opening up, OK? Keep it to yourself or a hoard of Slashdotters might visit you and taunt you.

Chrono Tron was #1 on yesterday, but just made a big mistake by posting Advantages of Vista and IE 7. But, he saved himself by saying the delay sucks. Oh, OK, you get a pass Chrono! Saved by using the word "sucks" within a post about Vista and IE 7.

For everyone else, let's not have any more of this kind of talk. If you do, Shelley Powers might link to you and believe me, you don't want her to do that! 🙂