MP3 of the week and other stuff from my aggregator

AVC posts an MP3 from the Violent Femmes and calls it his MP3 of the week. I had a listen and it's pretty good. You can pull it up and listen to it while you read the rest of this post.

I read on Kathy Sierra's blog that Eric Freeman is now the vice president, technology, for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts online. Wow, that sounds like a fun job! I bet Eric'll get lots of requests for free tickets and tours, now. Speaking of which, I'd love to do a 10 video about the technology behind Disney!

Hey, Chris Abraham, I'm an anti-smoking fascist. It's one thing I appreciate about California. Have you noticed that the housing prices have gone up continuously since smoking was banned there? Hmmm. Glad to hear Scotland is joining the fascist groups. When we got back from Europe EVERYTHING stank. Yuch.

Oyvind Solstad blogs about computerized gyms. Yeah, yeah, I gotta get meself into the gym. Getting some exercise would be a good way to deal with stress.

Susan Kitchens links to the WorldMapper and the Map Room. Cool stuff! How did we ever live without computers? Speaking of maps, Mikel Maron links to the Worldkit 3.0 and optimized OnEarth Landsat. Stunning, he says.

Lo-REST? Interesting conversation about REST APIs for Web services developers has been happening over on Steve Maine, Don Box, and Dare Obsanjo's blogs. Steve has the links.

Microsoft's first blogger, Joshua Allen, talks about all the fun Microformats stuff that happened at Mix06 last week. Hey, guys, we need Microformat applications to demonstrate all the cool stuff you are talking about. Without applications all this stuff just is talk.

Google's Print Auction, last week, got bashed by BusinessWeek.

John Nack, over at Adobe's blogs, continues finding the coolest stuff to look at. This time he shows you an image that took 720 hours in Illustrator to build. Wild.

Thinking of dating an experience designer? You should check out the OK/Cancel comic first. Heheh.

Susan Kitchens, again, found this amazing video of juggler Chris Bliss.

Jeff Atwood, author of the coding horror blog, says that Windows Live Local's having two entry boxes is too difficult. Oh, I totally agree and have told the team that. They are working on it.

You can now Ether Tris Hussey. I wrote about Ether a few weeks back. It's a service that lets you add a phone number to your blog. Call the phone number and you get an automated assistant who'll find an open spot on your schedule and arrange payment for services.

Dave Huth's video blog on "where does laughter come from?" is, as you might expect, fun! This is a whole new way to embarrass your kids when they are older.

Caterina Fake (she is a cofounder of Flickr) says now is a bad time to start a company. David Heinemeier Hansson, the guy who wrote Ruby on Rails, says, in response, "it's a great time to start a business." My thoughts? It's getting harder to get noticed now than in 2001, but if you have a killer product you'll get noticed. Didn't Google start at about the height of the bubble in the late 1990s? Great ideas and great companies will withstand all tests.

Developer Scott Hanselman is trying to raise $10,000 for diabetes research.

Darren Barefoot writes "God Bless Seat Guru."

Two design students came up with a desk that lets teenagers hide their porn. Oh, boy. My son just built me a desk in Second Life. I wonder if it has this particular feature. Hmmm.

Wanna win $10,000? Try out the Made in Express contest. Dan Fernandez has more on that on his blog.

Andrew Stopford links to some cool Windows Presentation Foundation demo videos that were shot at Mix06 by the 10 Crew.

Back to work.

Update: I pulled one link out of here because it was old and I didn't realize it. 


Ajay, nice rims!

So, on Friday, when I was driving up 101 I came up behind Ajay's cool "Speak W Me" car. This is the one that has an array microphone (and tons of computer and audio equipment in the trunk) and where you can tell the car "play Black Eyed Peas Shut Up" and the right song will start playing.

Someday we'll all have a geek car so cool. But, in the meantime, the rest of us will need to look at his blog. Nice new rims Ajay!

Ajay is the founder of a company that is working on speech recognition software for cars and portable devices. Pretty cool stuff.