Where the heck is Scoble?

The Vista Office blog asks “what is going on here?” I was traveling from Las Vegas yesterday. I was just burned out and tired. So I took a day off from looking at my computer.

Whenever you see a story that says 60% of any OS is gonna be rewritten you should demand that the journalist who wrote that be immediately and publicly fired. Totally 100% incompetent. Did NOT do their homework.

There is NO WAY a major OS can be rewritten without breaking everything and certainly not in a short time frame. Such a rewrite would take a decade to make work right and I doubt it would even after that.

I’m sorry I took off a day, but I’m glad to see that some people, like Dave Winer, understand just how ridiculous this headline is.

By the way, this kind of story is why I put my cell phone on my blog (it’s always on the right side of my blog). You are free to call it when you see this kind of news story and get me off of a blog vacation and wake me up.

On the other hand, Paul Thurrott calls me the “kiss of death.”¬†Well, gee, Paul, isn’t that nice! Heheh. How come my “kiss” never works when I say nice things about our competitors?

Update: Bob, in my comments on this post, asked why Microsoft hasn’t asked for a retraction. Let’s be very clear. We ARE asking for a retraction. But the damage is already done by this story. The retraction won’t be seen by nearly as many people as will see this story. That’s why I think we need to go further.

A journalist and an editor needs to be fired.

In fact, two journalists and editors need to be fired since the story is now being rewritten without any brains being engaged.


Rewrite of Windows Vista underway? Hogwash!

I can’t believe that headlines get written like this. Totally 100% false. Provably so. I totally agree with Alec Saunders. Can the journalist and editor who wrote this do some homework please?

Update: I just talked with Frank Shaw, vice president at Waggener Edstrom (Microsoft’s main PR company), he says this article is absolutely not true. Frank knows more people inside Microsoft than anyone else I know (he hangs out with all the execs). There aren’t any Xbox developers moving to Windows, he tells me (verified from other people I know inside Microsoft too).

More on this story is on Memeorandum.