“What did we do?”

We’re sitting around in the Swiss Chalet and the geeks are wondering just what we did last night. Got a bit of a hangover (we drank a 109-year-old Cognac last night, among other things). Pierre made some awesome raclette cheese — they have a machine where they through half-a-roll of cheese on it and it melts it off. It’s amazing stuff. They are checking in on their email and what happened overnight. Hundreds of requests for access to CoComment. #2 on Memeorandum. And requests from press coming in. Brian Benzinger even wrote a Greasemonkey script overnight. More than 800 people have looked at my Flickr photo from last night. Laurent continues the conversation over on his blog. All for a non-planned release. (They are wondering if they are going to get yelled at by SwissCom team that developed this along with Laurent). This wasn’t a planned release, it just happened cause we bugged Laurent to talk about it.

I think this is going to start a new trend. Wanna release a product? Well, you can either go to Demo (that’s this week and I’m sure it’ll start lots of these kinds of conversations too) and show your stuff off to Chris Shipley and crowd (and that’s after you pay tons of money) or you can throw a killer party in a Swiss Chalet, invite your friends over to hang out in a hot tub and go skiing, and show them all what you’ve been working on.

It was a great demonstration of what we discuss in our book and what I talked about on Friday in my speech to LIFT06. You don’t need to do much more to kick off a movement than to start a simple conversation. Yeah, David Anderson (the agility expert) you get it. Who’s next?