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You might have remembered that we forced our publisher to start a blog before we’d sign the contract to do Naked Conversations with Wiley. The resulting blog by Joe Wikert has been most impressive over the past year. I saw he linked to Juliana Aldous at Microsoft. She gave me a lot of advice before I started working on the book and I don’t know how I missed her blog for so long. It’s good too. What do these blogs do? They give you a place to start a relationship as an author. Get tips. Learn about how they see the industry. And, if you have an idea for a book you now have two people to talk with.

Any other great book publishers blogging out there? Here’s another one: Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. How about Tim O’Reilly? Gary Cornell of APress? Who is your favorite book publishing blogger?


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  1. Robert,

    It’s Joe Wikert, not “Jim Wikert.” He was my acquisitions editor at QUE Books for several titles. Juliana was the acquisitions editor for a recent InfoPath book. Thanks for the heads-up on her blog. I’d say Joe’s ranks as my favorite publisher blog so far.



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