Travel day

I’m coming back home and I’m exhausted. I have so much blogging to do it isn’t funny. And my email. Oh, my email.

In there, I see lots of people asking what I think of the latest government action that Microsoft gave in to. I’m too tired to say anything, but it isn’t a proud day for Microsoft or our country. There are lots of opinions on this one — it’s at the top of Memeorandum. It’s also being discussed over on Channel 9.

Just a note on Pittsburgh. It’s been very good to me. The panel discussion last night was interesting and sometimes even a bit controversial (very few businesses in Pittsburgh allow blogging, I learned, and there’s lots of people out there who are trying to get their management to let them do it.) It was recorded so hopefully the recording will be up soon.

I’ll try to check in from the road. I think I have a stop in Chicago on the way to Seattle. Have fun!

Oh, I’m suprised at how few of the people who read here follow Memeorandum. I’ve met quite a few people this week who say they regularly read me but don’t follow either Memeorandum/Tech nor Memeorandum/Politics. After I show them those pages they always say “that’s cool.” It makes me realize just how tough it is to get people to try something new.