The big thing in 2006 to be communication?

Don Dodge, former exec at AltaVista and Napster, tells us what the next big thing in 2006 will be. YouTube is something that’s just gotten on my radar screen. I’ve seen lots of blogs lately saying “I love YouTube.” Video is big this year. I got my video camera here at CES. Will have to see what I find.


MSN’er adds to China discussion

Michael Connolly, a product unit manager on MSN Spaces, adds onto the China discussion with a post titled “Running a Service in China.” Here’s a quote from his post: “In China, there is a unique issue for our entire industry: there are certain aspects of speech in China that are regulated by the government.  We’ve made a choice to run a service in China, and to do that, we need to adhere to local regulations and laws. “