Fishy stuff at the airport

I forget that people are subscribed to my Flickr feed. I got a couple of questions about the fish picture. In Seattle’s airport there’s all these fish embedded into the walkway in one of the terminals there. I snapped a picture as I walked by. A little blurry I see now.

The digital signs there tell a story too. That on-time performance is not good. Our flight was an hour late.

Also on my Flickr feed from my cell phone: want in on the mind of a 14-year-old? Maryam’s niece, Tanya, has quite a set of pinup posters in her room. That’s Patrick in the picture. Tanya was too embarrassed to have her picture taken.

John Piercy is one of those who asked about the fish. He then said, “I can’t send you fish, I can send you ice.” Yikes, that looks cccccooooollllllddddd.

By the way, what’s up with California’s weather? I couldn’t tell the difference between in and Seattle’s usual weather the past week. Well, except that the trees were falling down in California (on Shel Israel’s street a huge tree fell down and almost killed a guy). Shel has the details on the storm and the tree that fell.

Patrick was stuck with us an extra two days cause of the storm. Turned out that a few of the roads between Silicon Valley and Petaluma (about a two hour drive) were closed. His mom said that downtown Petaluma was flooded too. Several surrounding communities were hit even worse. Not as bad as New Orleans, but having a few feet of water and mud inside your business or home is never fun.

Oh, well, Shel and I found something a little lighter to argue about the other day. He thinks I should call the geek dinners “blogger dinners” instead. In reality that’s pretty much what they are anyway. I like geeks, though. There’s something about the geek mentality. Being a geek means building something. At least in my mind. Anyway, when even the models are calling themselves geeks, I don’t know that it matters that much.

There are geeks, though, who don’t like to think of themselves as bloggers. So, maybe I’ll just call them geek&blogger dinners from now on.

Now you know how things get boring, descriptive names, at Microsoft. ūüėČ

Update: Dave Winer is thinking of these themes too. That’s weird. I didn’t even read his blog until after I posted this post originally. Anyway, he’s having a geek dinner in Cambridge Thursday night and Boston is preparing for snow.


Jesper has more on WMF exploit

Jesper Johansson is a senior security strategist in the security technology unit at Microsoft. Translation: he is someone worth listening to on the WMF issue. Hint: I am not. He covers the important stuff in a post called “Conscientious Risk Management and WMF.”

Memeorandum has more from blogs on this issue. I really love how a hot issue gets covered on the blogs.

I just got home from a day of traveling. I followed Memeorandum all day on my cell phone. It is real interesting how much stuff shows up on Memeorandum and how it reduces being bored in airports.

Update, Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft’s Security Response Center’s official communications guy, comes over to Channel 9 for a conversation¬†on the WMF issue and what is appropriate for blogging and not.