Apple stores powered by Windows?

I see that Sven saw that Windows machines are running some of the transactions at the Apple store he went into. Oh, Sven, that’s cool, but the truth is Microsoft relies on Apple stuff too. Remember the Xbox developer kits? Yeah, they were all Macs.

I remember talking to Virginia Howlett, who did the UI work on Windows 3.0. She said she used a Mac. By the way, she’s now an artist in Seattle. Here’s an interview with her. She also did a lot of the UI on Windows 95.

So, thank you Apple!

One wish for 2006…

Now that I have a sooppeerr dddoooppppeeeerr new cell phone (the Cingular 2125, it’s freaking awesome) I am looking at a lot of Web sites and RSS feeds.

One thing I wish is that Web site developers/designers would look at their site on a small screen with limited bandwidth.

So many sites suck really bad. I’m going to call these sites out with increasing frequency in 2006.

If your site makes you scroll for 20 minutes just to see your content, it sucks. It’ll get called out.

If your site squeezes a column so that it’s only one word wide, it sucks. It’ll get called out.

My wish? Please try your site on a cell phone (tonight I was comparing sites on a Treo, on a Blackbery, and on my phone. My phone was best, but there were lots of sites that sucked on all three).

Millions of Web users are out there with cell phones. If you don’t get your site to work properly with a cell phone, you’re turning away customers and that sucks. It’ll get called out.

Who should be first getting called out?

Oh, I got one. The Google Blogoscoped’s Philipp Lenssen calls out trends that should die in 2006. One of them even talked about the same trend I do (that mobile is now hugely important).

Well, on my cell phone this blog has a column size of a few characters forcing me to scroll forever just to read the article.

That’s unfortunate because I totally agree with the other points that Philipp makes.

Dana says Microsoft better wake up!

Dana Epp is a security expert and founder of a small software company. Yesterday he wrote a post introducing us to LAMM. Tells Microsoft to wake up to what Novell is doing with Mono.

It’s 1:28 a.m. I’m awake. Oh, wait, I’m supposed to be sleeping. I work at Microsoft. 🙂

Thanks Dana for the warning. Oh, and happy New Years! You gonna come to Mix06?