Naked Conversation in an Apple store?

Dave Winer snapped this picture of Shel Israel and me (authors of Naked Conversations, the corporate blogging book that’s coming out in a few days) while we were hanging out with a group of geeks in the Palo Alto Apple store tonight. The rest of Dave’s photos are here. Yes, that’s my son having too much fun on an iBook (Patrick posted to his blog from the store). I think he should set up an endorsement deal with Steve Jobs.

It was fun, there were quite a few pretty popular people there. We went up to the Apple store employees and said “the guy who has the #7 highest rated podcast on iTunes is standing over there.” They didn’t believe us, even though it was true. The podcaster was John Furrier of We didn’t even bother trying to explain who Gabe Rivera was (founder of Memeorandum). Just a bunch of geeks!

Hope your Friday evening is going geekingly well.

Eric Rice goes virtual for New Years

I gotta get into Second Life. I hear Wells Fargo owns an entire island there to teach people about their bank.

I wonder if I charged a building or two to my corporate card would that get approved? Hmmm.

Anyway, just saw that Eric Rice is doing a live podcast (don’t we call that audio streaming?) and is gonna be having a party inside of Second Life on New Years’ Eve. I will have to try to join him. I hear Maryam is dragging me amongst friends’ houses in Silicon Valley. Hey, Maryam, only take me to the ones who have wifi!