Bloggers wish list

Toby Bloomberg over on theĀ Diva marketing blog has a wish list from a bunch of bloggers about what they’d like to see in 2006 on blogs.


I’d like to see good information make a comeback. Reviews anyone? has awesome ones on cameras. What if we had a review site like that for software?

And, where’s Christopher Brumme? His 11,000-word posts used to have the developers swooning like mad everytime he posted. It’d be great to see people actually sharing more of what they know in 2006. Yeah, I wish I was better on both of these counts.

Here’s a good example: Clemens Vasters has a lengthy series of posts on teaching Indigo to do REST/POX. Clemens is the author of Das Blog, the blogging tool my boss uses (and loves). His knowledge impressed someone, cause he’s joining Microsoft in February.


AT&T to spend $1 billion on rebranding

Brad Feld is stunned. Me? I’d rather spend that money improving the products. See, marketers still haven’t learned. The world has changed. You can’t fool people with a Superbowl ad anymore. Well, you can a little bit, but not the way you could in the 1980s. No, our word-of-mouth networks are FAR more efficient today than they used to be. Advertising just isn’t going to have the pop it once did. What will? Product quality. It’s why I respect Jeff Bezos and the two guys who started Google and Skype and Firefox so much. They built their businesses without doing much, if any, advertising.