ZapTXT sends RSS to your phone via SMS

I just heard about ZapTXT (a Microsoft employee dropped by the cafeteria where I’m sitting and told me about it). It lets you point it at a specific RSS feed and it will send you an SMS. Gotta try that out, but my cell phone already has RSS on it, so not sure what the utility is. They give a few scenarios that sound interesting, though.


The CES unconference

CES is coming up next week. Believe it or not, it’s big. How do I know that? Cause finding hotel rooms is tough (we found some, thank you to our readers!)

I’ve been thinking about how to do some sort of event there. I have Thursday night open and was just about to announce something, but then I saw Doc Searls linking to a CES Unconference idea. Ahh, a CES 2006 Wiki! Ahh, a CESCamp! How fun!

So, I’ll bring my Tablet PCs to some sort of event on Thursday evening. I hear the Tablet PC MVPs are looking to get into trouble with me that evening. I’m off to the Wiki to see which event we’ll crash. How about you, what are you going to during CES week?  I’m stuck in Vegas from January 3 through January 7.