Merry Christmas!

We’re going out to look at Silicon Valley’s Christmas lights. If we find any I’ll throw them up on my Flickr feed (you can see a shot of Silicon Valley as we flew in this afternoon).

On other news, thanks to InformationWeek who named me one of the “change agents” to watch in 2006. Cool photo too (hey, that’s Eric Rice in the background).

If you are in Silicon Valley and are bored (or know where there are some nice Christmas lights) give us a call. 425-205-1921.

This is also my first post that I’ve made from Windows Vista. There will be a lot to say about this in 2006, that’s for sure (and not all pro, either, although overall this is FAR better than XP, but then I had some help setting it up). I still don’t have Aero, though, but I’ll figure that out this week.

Watch Santa tonight on

And this site lets you see where the big Christmas displays are: — still needs a lot more data, but maybe this will be very useful next year.