I’m Bluetoothing

I just got a Motorola H500 Bluetooth Handsfree Headset. Took one minute to set it up. Works great. Less filling. Er, no wires ma!

I LOVE my new phone. I’m going around Microsoft like a giddy kid who just got a new Christmas toy. It even works in the hallway by Jeff’s office (that’s our real-world cell-phone test — if it works there it’ll work almost anywhere).

Anyway, I’m now one of those dorks who wears a headset around everywhere looking like I’m talking to myself. Dorky dorky dorky.


Outlook PM talks about upcoming RSS integration

Michael Affronti is a program manager on Microsoft’s Outlook team and is starting to write about the future of Outlook. Here he’s writing about RSS Aggregation into Outlook 12. I haven’t yet played with this feature. One reason? I’m happily stuck in the NewsGator family of products due to its synchronization features. See, if I read a feed on NewsGator on my desktop PC (which, ironically enough, gives you similar features to Outlook 12 in today’s Outlook) it marks it as read on the Web service and also on NewsGator on my Tablet PC and also on my new SmartPhone (and soon it’ll be synchro’ed with NetNewsWire on the Macintosh and FeedDemon and RSS Bandit on Windows) and also on the Media Center PC that’ll soon run my home office (which is how I’ll display stuff on my HDTV screen at home when I get that next year).

It’s going to be very hard for me to give up NewsGator because of this synchronization. Hey, Michael, is Outlook 12’s aggregator gonna hook up to NewsGator?

That said, don’t underestimate the effect of Outlook 12’s support of RSS here. It’ll bring millions of new businesspeople into the RSS world. This is HUGE. Outlook is probably the most used application in the world after Internet Explorer (and, on my desktop, is used more often than IE).