Keeping up with Pirillo, new Smartphone in my hand

Damn you Chris Pirillo!

He was over last night with the ever lovely Ponzi and the ever cool and hip Liz Lawley and her family.

Anyway, as soon as he walked in he said “look at what I got today.” What?

He handed me a new Audiovox 2125 SmartPhone. Came out from Cingular yesterday.

It’s the new version of my old Audiovox phone.

First thing we did was pull a Web page up on both phones and compare them. Wow, the screen is a QVGA. Is it nice! Way sharper. Way way way way sharper. And more text too!

Oh, and now I can use the new DopplerRadio mobile podcasting software. Gonna go load that right now.

Joshua Allen, Microsoft’s first blogger is in my office (seriously, he was the first one to post a blog here at Microsoft, when I was hired at Microsoft there were already about 100 bloggers here). I just did the “keep up with Pirillo” shtick with him. “The screen is really nice,” he said, after being forced to hold it. Heheh. Another one sold!

Chris, look at what you’ve started! Oh, and if you want one in the Redmond store you better hurry. They got 150 yesterday and they are going fast (I saw five people buy them when I was there).

Update: MSMobiles has a good review on this phone.

First call was to Maryam. It’s a lot clearer. I’ll report more on it as I use it more.