Om asks whether we really need the speed of broadband?

Om Malik asks whether we really need the speed of higher bandwidth connections.

I got an easy answer to that one: HDTV. Yes.

If you want one of the new IPTV boxes that’ll deliver four simultaneous channels of video to your house you’ll need a 30mbps line. The problem is that the first systems will be setup in 2006, but it’ll probably be years before even a decent percentage of people have IPTV ability in the home.

I gotta get that video I did with the IPTV group up. That explains all.



Buzz tests podcasting’s effectiveness

Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords did a podcast with Marc Orchant over the weekend and did a little test. At the 40 minute mark he made an offer just to see if anyone was listening. Turns out they were — in droves.

It’s interesting. Some of my bosses keep asking me to make my Channel 9 videos shorter. They think it’ll lead to a bigger audience. I keep telling them that I don’t really give a hoot about a bigger audience. I want to serve the passionate ones who care about something deeply.

I mean, who is nutty enough to watch an hour-long video about font technology, right? Well, the most passionate of all the computer users, that’s who. That’s who I want. Those are the people who change the world and tell their friends whether or not something is good or not.

I was just interviewed on Alex Williams podcast. I told him that’s why most executives don’t get blogging. I mean, look at my audience. It’s small and tiny when compared to the overall computer audience. But, if you’re talking about search, who would you rather talk to? The average person like my mom? Or Danny Sullivan, the guy who runs Search Engine Watch? I know which one I’d rather have.

And, yes, podcasting and videoblogging are going to be more important in 2006. Why? Cause how else am I going to show you what the new fonts in Windows Vista looks like without a video? How else are you going to hear the emotion Alex and I (or anyone, for that matter) has without hearing voices in a podcast?

Performancing for Firefox adds tools for blogging

I was testing out the Performancing for Firefox extension last night. Pretty damn cool! It lets you blog a page just by right-clicking on that page (it hooks up to most modern blog services).

The Crazy 8 Opinions blog has a post of 8 less-well-known Firefox extensions if you’re looking for some cool goodies for your Firefox browser.