New Local.Live Maps and Directions Rock

Have you checked out the new photography and new maps we’ve used on Windows Live Local?  But, even better are the turn-by-turn directions. Huh? Here, check out how to get from the Google Offices in Kirkland to Microsoft’s Headquarters in Redmond. Click on each direction (the ones that say “Turn RIGHT…”). It’ll take you to that turn on the photo so you can get a sense of which way the directions take you and what it looks like. I’ve used that several times already and it’s cool and helps you to see that the system actually picked the best route for you.


MS Researchers find that typo-squatters are gaming Google

Hmm, I didn’t know about this, but sounds interesting. Researchers at Microsoft have blown the lid off of a large-scale, typo-squatting scheme that uses multi-layer URL redirection to game Google’s AdSense for domains program. At least that’s what eWeek’s Ryan Naraine is reporting. Thanks to Neowin for linking to that.